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Platinum Crucibles

                 PLATINUM CRUCIBLES

Based in Mumbai, V CARE IMPEX are one of the manufacturers for Platinum Crucibles in India. We even export Platinum crucibles to some of the best companies around the globe. We procure Platinum from the most refined and reputed vendors to ensure highest purity standards.

Why Platinum Crucibles?

Platinum offers high temperature resistance and has a high melting point of as high as 1700 Deg C. Hence Crucibles made out of platinum form most useful tool to any chemistry experiments. 

Used By:

Any Industry where high temperature experiment needs to be done, Platinum Crucibles are required. These industries include, Aviation Industry, Ceramic Industry, Glass Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and many more. 

Apart from Platinum Crucibles, we also manufacture Platinum wire, Platinum tongs, Platinum Dish/Mould and many customised items. 


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