• Ideal for Calibrating mid range balances such as Precision and Analytical Balances.
  • Widely used in QC and R&D Labs. 
  • All Weights shall be supplied with the Aluminium Box and Necessary Accessories.
  • In total 23 Nos. Weights shall be available in the box ranging from 1 mg to 500 mg (12 Nos. ) and 1 g to 200 g (11 Nos.).
  • Provided with NABL Calibration Certificate in our Company Name by default. If customised Calibration Certificate required by Buyer's name, the same need to be notified to us via mail after placing the order. 
  • Lead time for Customised NABL Calibration Certificate might vary.

F1 Class Weight Box Price - 1 mg to 200 g

SKU: 2105468709
35 400,00₹ Regularna cena
30 090,00₹Cena Rabatowa
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